Non-Medical and Alternative Treatments for Knee Pain

If the patient has been suffering from mild to moderate knee pain for a short period of time then there are several approaches he/she could try to reduce their discomfort. These approaches have met with different degrees of success from patient to patient. Talking to a doctor could help in determining the most effective Non-Medical & Alternative Treatments for the patient’s knee pain.

Some approaches are listed below:

Weight Loss and Exercise

There are many studies linking the incidence of obesity and arthritis. Shedding extra weight may help reduce a patient’s pain significantly and result in overall well-being. For a patient, regular exercise can contribute both to weight loss as well as strengthening the muscles of the knee.


Often doctors prescribe physiotherapy for a patient suffering from knee or other joint pain. A physiotherapist will be able to construct a program that exercises the major muscles that impact the knees. He/she may also utilize therapies such as ultrasound, transcutaneous electric nerve simulation or simply apply ice and cold to stimulate blood flow and exercise the muscles.


Global studies have displayed that this ancient Chinese therapy can have many positive effects including pain reduction in certain individuals. It involves the using needles to impact the nerves of the body.

Knee Injections

Some doctors may prescribe knee injections for those patients suffering from knee pain. These injections are usually made up of hyaluronic acid and lubricate the knee. The lubrication acts as a shock absorber and enables the cartilage and bone tissue to slide more smoothly. This improves knee mobility and reduces knee pain. However, this has been known to set off allergic reactions in patients with existing allergies to poultry. Pain and swelling may also be a side effect.


Prolotherapy is also an injection based treatment, which aims to inject a solution into the region of the tendon or ligament to strengthen the tissue. This aids in reducing musculoskeletal pain.

Knee Braces and Knee Immobilizer

Many patients find a great deal of relief using a knee brace. A neoprone sleeve works through a biofeedback of the neurological mechanism and remains tight and stays on the whole day, giving comfort to the patient. An immobilizer is a sleeve that restricts movement of the knee and acts as a protective shield.

** This web page illustrates various therapies/treatments, which patients generally adopt to treat pain. These illustrations should not be considered as recommendations or endorsements of such therapies by Company for treating such pain. Please consult your surgeon/doctor to find the best available treatment suited for your knee pain.