Knee Treatment Success Stories

Knee replacement surgery is considered an effective treatment option for osteoarthritis globally. However, it is still a very difficult decision for a patient and his/her family. It is important to seek help and guidance from a licensed medical practitioner as well as friends, family and acquaintances when making this decision. This website attempts to capture the experience of 4 completely different individuals from different parts of India: their struggle with arthritis, their fears and aspirations and their real life successes post-surgery.

Mr Balbir Singh Renu (Video)

76, Underwent Knee Replacement in 2007

Knee Replacement Success Stories

“After surgery, my joint replacement specialist and I worked together for a comprehensive, post-rehab program. Trust me, the experience of going through joint replacement surgery was far less demanding than my conviction to move, run and play again”.

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Mrs Naginarayan (Video)

59, Underwent Knee Replacement in 2009

Knee Replacement Success Stories - 2

“Who said there was an age to stop living life completely? In fact, just last month I was snorkeling with my grandchildren. It seems the knee replacement has only one side effect – it makes you free to live life fully!”.

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Mr R. G. Mundhra (Video)

75, Underwent Knee Replacement in 2008

Knee Replacement Success Stories - 4

“My yearning to move and be mobile was so much that I developed a love for running marathons. What a relief! All the credit goes to my surgeon and his staff. They made things so easy during the post-rehab program that recovery was quick.”

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Mrs. Rekha Shah (Text)

61, Underwent Knee Replacement in 2007

Knee Replacement Success Stories-3

“Wow! I just can’t tell you how relieved I am now. It’s like I have wheels under my feet. I run, bend, jog and jump every day. Kitchen chores are much more fun than they ever were.”

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