Exercises to Strengthen the Hip and Relieve Pain

Regular exercise may help in alleviating hip pain. Of course one must check with their medical care practitioner or physiotherapist as to which exercises in what intervals to carry out, but, on the whole, exercise promotes strength and greater range of motion. For some patients, stretching the muscles around the hip area helps reduce pain and remove stiffness.

Many patients of hip arthritis try physical therapy as a treatment option. In many instances this can help if done in a structured manner with an initial evaluation, a correct diagnosis and an effective physiotherapy plan. Light exercises for hip pain may be complemented by application of heat and ice on the swollen areas. It is important to have detailed discussions with the physiotherapist and clear all possible doubts.

Please find listed below few low impact exercises that may help to reduce hip pain:

Stationary Bike:

Start slow. Put the bike to an easy setting and slowly pedal to increase strength and endurance. Monitor progress and slowly build up the speed and time spent over time under the guidance of a licensed professional.

Water Exercises:

It is widely known that swimming is a low impact exercise, which is also very good for the back. One can also walk in waist level water to reduce the load on all the body’s joints. Similarly, one can carry out water aerobics to further decrease load on joints.

Hip Extension in Lying:

Lie on the stomach. Slowly lift the leg, tightening the buttocks. Repeat as many times as pain free and recommended.

Hip and Lower Back Stretch:

Lie on the back and move the chin towards the chest. Bend the knees towards the shoulder and keep bringing the knee higher. One can inhale deeply when bringing the leg higher. Do only under the supervision of a licensed practitioner.

Hip Abduction Side-lying: 

Lie on the side. One must keep the knee and the back straight and then take the leg to the side. This will tighten the side muscles. Repeat as many times as pain free and recommended.

Disclaimer:  This website illustrates various therapies/treatments, which patients generally adopt to treat pain. These illustrations should not be considered as recommendation or endorsement of such therapies by the Company for treating such pain. Please consult your surgeon/doctor to find the best available treatment suited for your hip pain.