Post Hip Replacement Surgery

The period post hip replacement surgery is a difficult time but can be a positive experience if the patient carefully follows the instructions of his/her orthopedic surgeon and maintains his/her optimism. The ultimate objective is to return to one’s normal daily routine which may take between three to six months post-surgery.

Immediately after the surgery, the orthopedic surgeon will focus on effective pain management for the patient. Soon after, the physiotherapist will work with the patient and carry out a series of exercises and stretches to regain mobility and flexibility. Over time, the orthopedic surgeon will reduce the dosage of pain medication, while the physiotherapist will slowly increase the rigour of the exercises. The patient will be able to resume their day to day activities, many of which he/she may have had to give up doing pre-surgery. It is important to stay active and adhere to an exercise regime to ensure the well-being of the artificial hip.

According to many patients that have undergone hip replacement surgery, the willingness of the patient and the caregiver to work hard and maintain a never say never attitude is the most important factor for a successful outcome during hip replacement surgery recovery. It is also important for the patient to communicate effectively with the caregiver and the orthopedic surgeon about all aspects such as pain felt and ability to do exercise to ensure that the recovery is begin tracked and monitored well. The pages ahead in this section of the website will delve deeper into aspects of the post-surgery rehab such as recovery timelines and exercises.

It is important to stay active during the recovery period. The patient may feel tired, however, it is essential that he/she doesn’t spend most of his/her time resting and carries out some activity every day. There should be a balance. The patient and caregiver could aim to slowly build up activity levels day by day to ensure optimal care of the new implant and a successful recovery.

Post-surgical Care

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Post Surgery Exercises

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