Hip Treatment Success Stories

Hip replacement surgery is considered an effective treatment option for osteoarthritis globally. However, it is still a very difficult decision for a patient and his/her family. It is important to seek help and guidance from a licensed medical practitioner as well as friends, family and acquaintances when making this decision. This website attempts to capture the experience of 2 hip replacement patients, one suffering from osteoarthritis and one from hip AVN: their struggles, their fears and aspirations and their real life successes post-surgery.

Mr Jagdip Vohra (Text)

54, Underwent Hip Replacement in 2012

Hip Replacement Success Stories -1

“After knowing I need hip replacement, I initially felt scared and questioned myself again and again. However, after speaking to my brother and receiving some reassurance from my family doctor, I underwent my first hip replacement surgery. I have gone back to my routine, living a normal life. I can easily ride my motorcycle, which I absolutely love. I went on a pilgrimage to Kedarnath with my family. Thank god I’m making new memories again.”

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Mr Sivananda Ramnath (Video)

39, Underwent Hip Replacement in 2012

Hip Replacement Success Stories - 2

“After my hip replacement surgery, within six months, I was back on track. Life felt more precious than ever before. As a result, I became a better husband, a better Dad, a better professional and a better member of society. Now I am running the Chennai Marathon to raise funds for an NGO so that underprivileged children get proper primary education.”

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